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If you can use a mouse, then you're ready to learn with Quiz-Buddy. Quiz-Buddy is an award-winning, easy-to-use Windows software program that helps you get the stuff you need to learn into your mind in a fun and easy way. It's great for home and the classroom, from grade school to graduate school and beyond.

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  • Create an unlimited number of quizzes with text, images and sound.
  • Quiz yourself or students in many ways: multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in.
  • Learn even the content that's most difficult for you without too much sweat; Quiz-Buddy automatically adjusts to how YOU learn.
  • Print and format tests and flashcards.
  • Over 110 ready-made quizzes included: addition, fractions, spelling, French, Italian, SAT verbal and much more!
  • Learn on-the-go with the FREE Quiz-Buddy Palm; works with Quiz-Buddy for PC.
  • Get answers to your questions quickly with fast, friendly customer support.
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Ace Math.

Watch your child's math ability and grades go up, up, up as they work through 20 preloaded math quizzes covering estimated addition, fraction addition, fraction-to-decimal conversion, multiplication and much more. Then add your own quizzes for any child, any math topic, any age level.

Become a Geography Whiz.

Your child? The class geography whiz? It's not such a far-fetched idea when you have Quiz-Buddy on your team. Preloaded geography quizzes with maps covering South American countries and the U.S. states will get you started; then create your own geography quizzes to learn the countries, capitals, rivers and other facts related to Africa, Asia, Europe and the world.

Master a Foreign Language.

Building a language vocabulary is easy with Quiz-Buddy, too. Import your own vocabulary from text lists. Create your own quizzes to work alongside textbook-based language studies. And get a quick-start with dozens and dozens of pre-loaded quiz modules for Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish, including Spanish with audio for crisp, clear pronunciation.

Win the Spelling Bee.

Several quizzes already built into Quiz-Buddy help middle and high school students with vocabulary and spelling. Is it accidentally or accidentily, accidently or acidentally? Which word means "stun" - is it flabbergast? Or perhaps is it flabergast? In just minutes, create your own spelling quiz and ace those weekly spelling tests-not to mention the class spelling bee.

Don't Sweat the SAT, PSAT, GRE or GMAT.

Don't sweat preparatory and entrance exams. Instead, master the materials you need to pass even the most complex college and professional exams. More cost effective than pre-packaged practice exams, Quiz-Buddy gives you an added edge because you're getting double the exposure to the materials as you create quizzes-AND as you quiz yourself based on electronic or text-based preparation materials. Add Quiz-Buddy's seven pre-installed SAT modules-and you're off to a great SAT start.

Study and Learn Almost Any Topic.

Don't forget all the other subjects you need to study and want to master-world history, art appreciation, trigonometry, grammar, chemistry whatever it is you want or need to learn, Quiz-Buddy can help you to do it and do it well!

You will be learning by answering a number of automatically-generated multiple-choice, yes/no, type-in and matching questions. A sophisticated adaptive algorithm works behind the scenes to adjust questions to your way of learning, ensuring more efficient use of your time.

With Quiz-Buddy you will get over 110 ready-to-go study modules. In addition, you can create new study modules with the easy-to-use built-in editor.

To further enrich your learning experience you can easily add pictures, sounds and text notes to any Question-Answer pair.

You can start using Quiz-Buddy within minutes! The intuitive, visually attractive and highly customizable interface will make your learning more enjoyable. Extensive context-sensitive help will guide you through all the main features of the program. Free video tutorials can be downloaded from our website.

If you want to study on the go, you can print flashcards for each quiz. Even better, if you own a Palm device, you can save study modules in Palm OS format for use with the free Quiz-Buddy for Palm.

In addition to Quiz-Buddy for Windows, we offer several other educational software titles, including Quiz-Buddy for Palm, QB - Text Analyzer, QB - SAT, QB - Spanish, QB - French, QB - Math, QB - US States, 600 Spanish for Palm and 600 French for Palm.

Interested? Because we believe that you should have an opportunity to try the program with all its features before spending any money, we are offering you a free, fully-functional trial version. There's no risk: if you decide to use the program beyond the trial period, you can buy the registration code here.

Need more info? Take a look at the screenshots, tutorials, or read the FAQ!

Download a free, fully-functional trial version of Quiz-Buddy for Windows!

Main Features:

  • Unlimited number of quizzes on all kinds of topics
  • Unlimited number of Question-Answer pairs in a given quiz
  • Unlimited number of predefined wrong answers for each question
  • Over 110 ready-to-use quizzes already included (e.g. SAT Preparation, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Math, State Capitals)
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free upgrades for one year
  • Free online support
  • Quiz Screen
  • Sounds for each question and answer
  • Pictures for each question
  • Multiple-Choice, Type-In, True/False and Matching quizzes
  • Five multiple-choice screen layouts
  • Three question selection modes
  • Two answer selection modes
  • Animations
  • Smart Counter
  • Question-Answer Reverse
  • Skins
  • Backgrounds (select solid, lines, square, or picture)
  • Animated Reminder Flashcard
  • Funny sound effects
  • Slideshow mode
  • Automatically adjusts to your way of learning thus increasing efficiency of the learning process
  • Editor Screen
  • Create new and edit existing quizzes with Quiz Editor
  • Import Question-Answer pairs from a text file
  • Non-English characters support
  • Notes can be added to each Question-Answer pair and to the entire quiz
  • Viewer Screen
  • Shows all the questions and answers along with statistics for each Question-Answer pair
  • The list can be ordered by any column
  • Export
  • Export to Quiz-Buddy for Palm
  • Export Question-Answer lists to HTML
  • Printing
  • Printable tests specially designed for school teachers
  • Flashcard Printing
  • Download a free, fully-functional trial version of Quiz-Buddy for Windows!

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